A bit about Larson Images and how Jon works...

Larson Images is a Portland, Oregon-based creative services shop offering graphic design, photography, advertising, and web design solutions. Larson Images has been creating stimulating designs and strong images for clients since 1995, but moreover Jon can help organize and enhance your company's brand. This brand, or your company's essential identity is far too often overlooked and with some simple steps, Larson Images can help you create a united vision for your company that will help you create a stronger company in the eyes of your customers. Jon moved the company from Santa Barbara, California to Portland, Oregon in 2005 to take advantage of the creative climate that permeates Portland and the Pacific Northwest– whether that’s in the business community or the simple day-to-day life that makes the Pacific Northwest so unique.

Jon’s career in creative building began at a very young age, making anything and everything that he could potentially market or sell to friends and neighbors. This habit of completing creative projects continues to this day. When Jon is not working on creative projects for his clients, he is most likely playing around with some other creative venture, let that be brewing some fine suds, working in the garden, cooking, traveling, playing guitar or enjoying the fine Northwest outdoors. Jon is always on the lookout for a new hobby or project.

This fascination with creating, building and understanding how things are made has served Jon well, and this is one of the aspects of Larson Images that sets it apart from other graphic design and photography agencies in Portland. Jon thrives on learning the inner workings of his client's companies, and the industry in which they operate. Jon’s approach to understanding his clients from the ground up will help you and your company with its approach to marketing, as Larson Images integrates graphic design, photography and web design into your overall marketing strategy.

Larson Images works with numerous freelancers, which broadens the scope of services the company is able to offer clients. These workers include web development gurus, marketing, public relations and advertising representatives, producers, video editors, and copy writers, to name a few. No matter what the demands of your industry, Jon and his team of creative professionals works with you to understand your immediate, short-term and long-term business needs, and to help incorporate those needs into your company’s overall promotional strategy.

To find out more about how Larson Images can help your company achieve its full potential, please contact Jon at 503.830.7738. He will be happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation, and an estimate for your next project.

Jon Larson, Principal